About our company  1992 - 2020

Ed Reynolds was in his 40's and working at Colorado National Bank when he thought it would be a good idea to start a small family business. Over the years, Ed and Bobbi had hired carpet cleaning companies to clean their own home but were seldom happy with the results.


            After considerable research, ACADEMY Carpet Care was born. Ed started small, using his white Mazda truck to haul Academy's portable cleaning equipment to each job. Their oldest son, Jason, worked tirelessly beside his dad until he left for college. "Initially, we thought this would be a nice side business to bring in some additional income and help our teenagers earn money for college," says Ed. "We didn't realize that within two years I would leave the banking industry to run Academy full-time."   


            Because Ed and his team go the extra mile with every customer, Academy has earned an excellent reputation in the Denver area and surrounding communities.  Bobbi works in the office and loves hearing from the same customers each year.


            Over the years, many of Academy customers have replaced their carpet  with hardwood, tile, and stone.  So the folks at Academy took the classes, learned the best cleaning techniques, and changed their name from "Academy Carpet Care" to "Academy Services."  Today Academy runs a multi-truck operation.


            Has all this been easy?  Far from it.  Ed's first commercial contract involved driving from Golden to Longmont, some fifty miles away, with a teenage son or daughter to clean small apartments at $25 a unit.  "During winter months, the water would freeze in the hoses and we'd have to thaw them out in the condo bathtub before we could finish the work," Ed recalls. 


            Eventually, Academy's customer base grew through word of mouth and repeat customers, allowing Ed and Bobbi to be selective.  "We rarely have to deal with a difficult customer.  And we don't bother to compete with the big chain carpet cleaning companies."  Because the majority of new Academy clients have been referred by friends, the first thing they say is, "I've heard that you charge more but my friends tell me you're worth it."  


            "We're grateful to have so many quality customers, particularly during these economic times," Ed says.  "Every client expects a great experience and excellent results.  It's been an honor to meet and exceed their expectations for the past 25 years."       




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