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Academy's Services 

Carpet Cleaning

Our powerful cleaning equipment is truck mounted, and our multi-step process flushes your carpets clean right down to the backing, leaving them soft and free of residue. We can then apply Dupont Teflon Protector to your freshly cleaned carpets.  (Ask us for a demo!)  Adding protector will make your carpets easier to keep clean so that you don't have to call us as often!  We also leave each customer a bottle of Home Pro carpet spotter.


Area Rug Cleaning

We clean synthetic area rugs on site, but we take most wool, silk, and cotton rugs to a Denver company that specializes in washing and repairing imported and heirloom area rugs.


​Upholstery Cleaning

We test each piece of furniture for fiber content and adjust our cleaning agents and temperature accordingly.  After we do the work, we protect your upholstery so that it stays cleaner longer.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Let us come and get rid of that grungy grout with our powerful scrubbers.  You don't have to clean your grout with a toothbrush ever again. Ask us for a demonstration--you'll be amazed!

Garage Floor Scrub & Extraction

This is not a "power-wash".  Our scrubbers completely remove and extract mag chloride, salts, oil & grease, and mud that your tires bring into your garage. A cleaner garage floor = cleaner tile, wood floors, and carpet INside.


Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Do you love your pets, but hate their stinky stains & odors?  Pet accidents (from either end) need to be treated by professionals who understand the chemistry of cleaning.  We can get rid of ugly stains without damaging your carpet.


Specialty Stain & Spot Removal

We can remove red wine, cola, coffee, tea, chocolate, oil, grease, tar, fingernail polish, cosmetics, paint, glue, juice, milk, tomato sauce, vomit, blood, baby barf, and diarrhea.

Carpet Stretch and Repair

You don't have to live with those wrinkles and bumps!

(not on your carpet, anyway.) We have years of experience and professional tools to tighten, trim, and re-attach your carpet.  We can also repair threshold areas where your carpet meets the tile or hardwood.